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FORKA Silent Wired Gaming Mouse

Picture this, you're playing Fortnite. You're absolutely destroying. Over 10 kills and in the top 5. You start to rush someone, you're putting your all in killing this guy when you start hearing gunshots behind you... you're getting pinched, and sh*t just got real. You manage to kill the first guy you were rushing and before you can think about the loot you turn to kill the other guy for a crazy clip. Plot twist, your mouse bugged out and he gets to you first. No one wants to be in that position. Purchase this Trendy, Malloom gaming mouse and you will never experience such a thing again. Be smart. Be Trendy.

- TheTrendyGamer himself

DPI: 2400
Brand Name: FORKA
Operation Mode: Opto-electronic
Hand Orientation: Both Hands
Type: Wired
Number of Buttons: 6
Gross Weight: 140g
Interface Type: USB

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